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    Hello and welcome to my website. I am an author, a certified career coach and an experienced trainer.


    I believe in growing yourself, your family and your team at work. My recent work is a non-fiction book for military families titled 'Growing Your Family' :Learn How To Flourish and Thrive as a Military Family :


    When military spouses say, ‘I do’ to their service members they are often clueless to the military lifestyle that lies ahead specifically raising a family whiles the service member deploys several weeks, months and years throughout their career.

    Growing Your family is a raw testimony of how an immigrant military spouse and an ambitious career woman is raising her family with grit, grace, and style. The author kneads the extraordinary lifestyle of being a military spouse with her experience in creating her home from scratch and with nothing, saying countless tearful goodbyes with young children and how she is helping her military family thrive in the COVID-19 pandemic.

    This seasoned childcare professional's humor in the book will keep you hooked and laughing aloud. You will enjoy reading this true story that takes you to unknown corners of Ghana in Africa, to the exotic culture in Japan and the sophisticated lifestyle in the US.

    Growing Your Family offers priceless guidance and breathes heart-heart encouragement to the clueless and tired spouse.














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    I offer Personalized 1:1 Career Coaching tailored towards your unique career growth and advancement.

    Coaching sessions are done virtually or Face-Face by appointments.



    Resume review, evaluation, editing or writing depending on your background, experience and the position you are targeting.


    Job interview Prep. sessions to help you ace your job interview with ease and success.

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    Communication and problem solving techniques to help teams and organizations communicate better and find creative ways to solve problems in their organizations.

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    This course focuses on key leadership skills to help you brainstorm creative ways to develop your team and grow your organization.

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    In today's world of work, collaborative coaching is the to- go- to strategy to hold your team accountable, mentor them and coach them them to excel.

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    Career and Training Consulting.

    Some things are best handled by the experts in the field. Whether you are stuck on your own career journey or your team is at a 

    standstill with no direction, I got your back.

    I use surveys, questionnaires, observations, training, organizational behavior management strategies, time tested tools and in partnership with you to deliver real results.

    I have worked with non-profits, religious organizations and government agencies in the US, Europe, Asia and Africa.

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    Pearl's passion for organizational growth and management is seen in her excellent approach to her training and coaching employees to excel in the workplace.

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    Healthcare Professional

    Pearl is a great career coach and mentor. Her career coaching sessions are insightful, practical and results oriented. She helped me revamp my resume, ace my job interview and continues to support me in my new position.

    Alex V

    Project Manager

    I hired Pearl to work on my LinkedIn profile and I was very satisfied with the results. She is knowledgeable, professional and has a great customer service. I landed job interviews few days after she worked on my LinkedIn profile.

    Alice W.

    Product Manager

    Pearl had an immediate and continuous impact on our team's output at Access Group. Her trainings were practical. Her unique approach to our team's training needs resulted in high performance and productivity.

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